Constructing a family tree is made on the basis of state and church registers. These are the registers of christening (birth), marriage and death.

In the Roman Catholic Church it was the Council of Trent that made registry records binding in 1563. The remained registers in Hungary start, however, as of a later time. The earliest of them they are the Evangelistic Register in Sopron (1624) and the Catholic Register in Kőszeg (1633).

At the other - several thousands - settlements each church kept registers of its own, which, however, commence from the beginning of the 18th Century, thus, generally also the family tree can also be led back by that time. 

The state registration was introduced in 1895, therefore, before this time there are only church sources at disposal.

To begin a research the earliest data You know in connection with Your parents, grandparents and maybe great-grandparents. One can find them in old certificates of christening, registry abstracts on birth, marriage or death, or in other documents from that period.

All information can be interesting, that is why it is worth to have accurately to look round among the old papers and/or pick up information in the family.

It is easier to research in the case of the settlements within the frontiers of the today's Hungary, but it does not seem to be impossible, if the lines go to the territory if the historical Hungary, either.

Surveying and constructing the family tree will be completed in accordance with Your claims. On the following we introduce three ways for constructing family trees, from among which You may choose the one, which meets the best Your imaginations.

In this case we search the further generations beginning from the earliest ancestry (e.g. grandparents) You know. Going ahead in a given family we look for the father, the mother and so on.

Example: You know, who was the grandfather. He is the origination. During the research - going ahead on the grandfather's branch - we trace down his parents, that is the great-grandfather and the great-grandmother, then the parents of the great-grandfather, that is the great-great-grandfather and the great-great-grandmother, then the parents of the great-great-grandfather, that is the great-great-great-grandfather and the great-great-great-grandmother, and so on, until the traceable sources allow it.


If this is the case, the research commences also from You, from Your parents, or from Your grandparents, which - contrary to the previous two variants - extends to all the branches, that is all Your direct line ascendants will be hunted.

The number of ascendants will be doubled by generations, that is everybody has 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-grandparents, 32 great-great-great-grandparents. And this line is, naturally continuing further. 


If this is the case, we research after a given family - surname - every branch and side-branch of it, that is after the family members, who may be originated from one common ancestor.

For instance, we research after all the brothers and sisters of the great-grandfather, after their children, after all the brothers and sisters of the great-great-grandfather, after their children or descendants, and so on.

As a result of the research You can be acquainted with the side-branches, the descendants of which You are in connection as cousins.

(Because of the laws on data protection this research concerns the years before 1895; if - on the basis of the results of this - You would like to expand the research also for the 20th Century, we will be able to determine conditions of it in details only later on.) 


In the case if You intend the family tree as a present, with ordering this package from us, there is an option for making this uncommon present more individual.

Besides the complete research documentation the package contains a pretty family tree schedule, which - as an extract of the research result - shows the ascendants up to the great-grandparents, and the copy of the front pages of the papers issued on the day of the birth of the person to be presented -or even You ? and further also an introduction of the famous persons, who were born that day.

It can be - free of charge - chosen to any kind of research.

The demonstrated options can, of course also be combined, the research will be completed adjusted to Your claims and possibilities.

It is also possible during the research to modify the previously chosen system.

After having finished the research, the found data will be delivered in a schedule ordered in a family tree, in a format drawn up by a program developed especially for this purpose, either in printed, or in digital form.

In case of demand copies will be made on each original registers in connection with Your direct ascendants, which also will be delivered to You.

The documentation contains the map of the settlement from the 18th-19th Centuries - where sources are available - a brief local history, since the history of the settlement may provide additions in many cases to the families once or now living there, as well.

Should the lines go out of the recent frontiers, it is possible to continue the research, the price of which will be shaped individually in each case. In the case if we find also noble family among the ascendants, which we succeed definitely identify, we possibly feature the history and give the coat of arms of the family, as well, with no extra costs.