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Human genes have been coming down for thousands of years from one generation to the other. Researching and discovering the connections between the descents - in other word: generations - is the genealogy, that the family tree research itself. 
Many people believe that it is useless to deal with the thing: where we are coming from, it is better to pay attention instead to the thing: where we are going to. Without knowing, however, the precedent of our present, the identities, lives and activities of our ascendants, it is more difficult to prepare ourselves to the future before us. 
Being acquainted with our past may give help in better recognizing and understanding the past ages to our descendants.

The science of the genealogy had been dealt with families of noble ancestries for a long period. These families kept count of the family trees of their ascendants, the histories of their ancestors, and handed over them to their descendants in well-documented form.

During the period of the was to become a civil society there were even more people, who would have like to know their origin, thus, in the first quarter of the 20th Century the first offices for researching family histories had been established.  
After World War II, also the genealogy had fallen into oblivion, it was believed a vestige of the past system, as stigmatised "passion of the nobles".
By today this science has its renaissance in the circle of people, who realized the importance of being acquainted with the generations of the ages long, long ago.

During the last nearly 60 years two generations has grown up. The grandparents of the people of thirties and forties of today, were born at the very beginning of the 20th Century. And now, put your hand on your heart and try to list the names the exact days of birth of your four grandparents! Congratulations, if you are succeeded, and now, please try to call up the data of your eight great-grandparents! 
If you are succeeded, again, you belong to that 1 % of people, who are aware of his ascendants. 
Most of the people living now - through no fault of his own - do not remember even the data of their grandparents, or even to go back onwards in the time.

If you would like to get answer to your questions, You have nothing else to do, but to consult with our professional expert, who will offer You the way of family history research, that meets best Your requests and purse.

With any of the family tree research services introduced henceforward the door is open for the memory to become an exact knowledge and that You can complete your family tree you know until now with several other generations!

Your children, Your grandchildren will be thankful to You for getting this knowledge complete, which You present to them from the past!

You probably remember that once ever long ago You saw long-foxed papers in the lavender smelling drawer of the grandfather pr grandmother, with curlicuedly our even with pearl letters written names or dates on them.

Perhaps also You turned the inherited Bible, where the dates of births, marriages and the sad deaths had been noticed by solicitous hands.

Do You still remember, when You, as child were listening to stories on people, You understood only the first names and characteristics of them?

Similar stories, which begin with: "The lamish old Stephen, who always fell from the horse..." seem to be familiar, is not it?

Would You like to know, who were the characters of all these stories? Who are the family members, who are facing to You from these yellowish photos?

If only one of these questions arise in You, You are here at the best place!